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Job hunting can be a frustrating business with many jobseekers falling at the first hurdle – unable to secure interviews. If you are struggling for to get called for interviews there can be a number of possible causes.

1. You are applying for jobs where you do not meet the requirements

There is a chance you are applying for jobs where you do not meet the experience, background or qualifications. HR and hiring managers will often put your CV on the PFO pile without further exploration. It is important to try different approaches and to get feedback. Some suggestions include phoning the client before you send your CV as this will tag your personality to the document. If rejected you can seek feedback to identify what you will need to do to achieve your goal or what other routes you can take. Rejection after rejection can be soul destroying so get creative.

2. You are not applying for jobs

I often receive phone calls from jobseekers seeking CV redesign. When I view the CV is often fine. Investigation often shines light to the fact that the jobseeker has been doing very little in the job market. If you don’t buy the ticket you can’t win the lotto. Job hunting takes time an effort. You must initiate action before you can get results.

3. Poor CV preparation

More often than not the CV is poor and not making an impact with the reader. I see some very bad CV’s that do not even get the basics right such as poor spelling and grammar, poor format, too much detail or lack of focus. Your CV is the 1st point of contact with the employer and perhaps your only contact if it does not make an impact. Spend some time creating a document that will do you justice and maximise your chances of meeting employers.

Measurability offer CV design services nationwide. We design CV’s that produce results and our customers agree. We also provide career coaching, career direction and interview coaching. If you need more information on any of our services feel free to contact us.

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