Job Interview Advice & Preparation – Research the employer

Interview preparation is the key ingredient to interview success. Interview preparation will boost your confidence and improve performance getting you the important job offers.

Why is researching the company important?

An important part of interview preparation is research the potential company and related industry. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly it benefits you the jobseeker indicating if this is the company or industry you want to join. It also shows the employer that you have put some work in before interview – evidence that you have planned your approach to the interview and you job hunting in general.

How to get information on a potential employer.

Internet – This is the obvious port of call. Most organisations have a website which will provide most of what you need. It is important that you don’t stop there. Use Google searches to identify live information that could help you stand out in the crowd. Remember most of your competition will be rhyming of material from a website – so you go the extra mile.

Employees – do you know anyone working in the company? This can be a great resource. If you don’t know anyone directly can you network of friends, work colleagues or family help you.

Marketing Material – The company may have brochures or other marketing material that you can request. To be honest this has been replace by the internet but still can add value.

Competitors – What information can you get from the competition about the employer or as importantly about the competitor as this again can help you differentiate from other interviewees.

Newspapers – It is quite common that you will be asked about what you read in the papers that morning so you should flick through the papers anyway before an interview. I did come across it one time where a friend interviewed with a company with a huge announcement in the papers that he missed before his interview.

Researching the employer is a key ingredient to interview preparation. There are however other important aspects to it. Do you need help with interview preparation contact an interview expert now.

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