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Career Advice – Leaving your job!

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

QUESTION: I am in my present job for the past two years, but have been so unhappy here for the past six months now. I’ve been thinking of jacking it in, but was wondering would it be a good idea to just leave the job without having a new one to go to? Any advice would be great.

There are strong arguments for both options – to stay put while searching for a new job OR to leave immediately.

Leave your job immediately

1. Leaving your current job can free up your time, enabling you to put 100% focus/effort into your job search.

2. Not working can help increase your motivation to find a new job.

3. Leaving your current job will obviously remove you from the unhappiness you are currently experiencing. This unhappiness can have a negative impact on job search efforts, so removing it can be beneficial.

Stay until you source a new job

1. Leaving a job without a new job lined up can make potential employers suspicious. Employers will have plenty of questions, which you’ll have to answer convincingly.

2. There are financial considerations. Removing an income stream can add additional pressure. It’s impossible to predict how long it’ll take to find a new job, and you must factor in the current job climate. If the process drags on you could find yourself forced into taking another job that’ll leave you equally unhappy.

3. Finally, from experience, people in employment get job offers, but people out of employment through choice often struggle. Call it Murphy’s Law.

Generally my advice would be to stay put, but there are exceptions, particularly if your health or personal life is suffering. If you can bear your current situation I’d recommend you stay put, increasing your efforts to locate new employment.


Monday, December 17th, 2012


1. Set daily job search activity targets

These targets will help increase your motivation and help provide more direction. Invest more of your time on proactive job search strategies. You should spend at least 60% of your time networking and targeting companies speculatively.

2. Write a strong CV

A strong CV makes a significant difference, especially when you’re targeting highly competitive advertised jobs. You must excite the reader!! Identify and insert key achievements into your CV content. Tailor your CV content for specific roles. Get a killer CV with Professional CV Writing Service.

3. Become more active on Linkedin

You must create an impactful Linkedin profile. Then invest time into driving viewers to your profile. It is important to customise your Linkedin profile URL. Add this link to your email signature, business cards, CV, cover letter and Twitter profile. Connect with more people, engage more in Linkedin groups and post regular Linkedin status updates.

4. Become the king of networking

Networking is the key to successful job search. You must target worm leads, including friends, old work colleagues and family. You must target cold leads, by attending events and meeting new people. Remember, connecting with people isn’t enough. You must work hard to stay on the radar through subtle reminders.

5. Embrace riskier job search strategies

It’s important to record and review your job search activity. If your job search strategies are working, then stick with them. If your job search strategies aren’t working, then change them. Start taking a few risks and inject more creativity into your job applications. Need inspiration? You’ll find many amazing examples of creativity online.

6. Learn to sell yourself

Learn to sell yourself effectively. To do this, you must understand your key achievements, the value you can bring to an organisation and your unique selling points. Learn to sell yourself with Interview Coaching.

Outplacement Ireland – Measurability in the News

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Measurability has been hitting the headlines recently with particular focus on our Outplacement Services. There have been a range of newspapers seeking our views on the jobs market in Ireland with particular focus on Redundancy. I have commented in the Sunday Business Post and Irish Independent recently with particular focus on Employers and how the can effectively navigate redundancy. Also watch out for my regular Career Doctor posts in the Independent.

Career Coach Dublin & Leinster

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Career Coach in Dublin & Leinster

Are you stuck in a rut?
Are you miserable at work?

It is estimated that 4 out of every 5 people are unhappy in their career. Yes that’s 80% !! So why do employee accept this unhappiness and misery. I hear every excuse under the sun – BUT they are what they are excuses.

Career Coach could be the answer!!

Working with a career coach can help you in many ways. A career coach can help you into that exclusive group of people – those employees happy at work.

Paul Mullan is a leading career coach in Ireland. He works with clients across Dublin & Leinster. Read what some of Paul’s career coaching clients had to say about his work. Paul regularly posts as a career coach in the Irish Independent and Sunday Tribune and he also writes for many online job sites including RecruitIreland. As well as his 1-1 career coaching Paul regularly runs workshops for 3rd level institutions and his own private workshops. Need a career coach and would like to find out more about Career Coach Dublin.

Career Coaching in Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare from a leading Irish Career Coach