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Interview Preparation – Improve Confidence at Interview

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Most jobseekers are nervous about interviewing and you know what – nerves are ok!! From experience coaching jobseekers I am more worried about those who don’t have any nerves. Quite often they mess up because their confidence normally equates to cutting corners in preparation.

Interview preparation for extra confidence

The more you prepare the more confident you will get. It is no secret that effective preparation will improve your confidence and performance. This is your starting point. Know what the employer wants and how you meet their needs. Know your own CV and learn about the company/industry.

Acknowledge your achievements before interviews

You need to acknowledge your achievements. This is an empowering exercise and will certainly boost confidence. My favourite exercise to support this is writing out “100 Successes List”. Please not that you will probably start struggling after about 20 successes BUT keep going. When you read through your success you will experience a significant rise in confidence. Worthwhile exercise even if you are not interviewing!!

Interviews – Confidence is a habit

You need to practice confidence as confidence is a habit. Watch how confident people act. You should also work on changing your thoughts and internal speak. What picture do you visualize when you think of an interview. For most people it is 3 (always 3) interviewers sitting at the far side of the interview table looking intimidating. Very rarely a reality. Start by changing this picture!!

Go to interview as a superhero

Superman – Try this as it really does work. We did this exercise at a martial arts workshop. Close your eyes and imagine you are entering a phone box, you spin around three times and emerge as superman/ or wonderwoman. You have the full outfit on. This does work and no I am not mad!!

Interviews – Some facts that might interest you.

You were called for interview because the employer liked your CV – A positive start!! He/She now wants a chat about your experience (which they love!!). The recruiter has a problem and you are the potential solution. They want you to succeed so they can stop recruiting and get back to their day job. By the way they don’t do much recruiting and are probably more nervous than you.

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