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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

How your CV can help you through a difficult job market.

Unless you don’t listen to the radio, read the papers or watch the news on TV it is quite hard to miss the bombardment of negative stories about the Irish economy. Recession, job loss and debt are all words unfamiliar on these shores for well over a decade. Developments over the last year have a direct impact on job hunting and therefore individuals need to get themselves in tiptop shape when entering the job market.

The most important change in the job market is that there is now more competition facing jobseekers. In recent years many employers struggled to source suitable candidates often employing a less than ideal recruit. Now there are less companies recruiting and more unemployment so more people looking for work. This means that there will certainly be more choice fore employers. Jobseekers will have to make sure that they have an IMPACT CV, utilise all available job search strategies and sell themselves at interview.


Fortunately for you most CV’s are poor. This means that if you put some effort into your CV you will increase your application to interview ratio. The more interviews you get the better chance you have of landing a job. You need to consider CV Layout, CV Format and ensure that your CV is focused. Remember your CV has a short window of opportunity to make an impact so don’t waste this opportunity.

CV Writing Service in Ireland

Measurability offers a professional CV Writing Service in Ireland. We work with a wide variety of jobseekers from Executive to Graduate across job functions and industry sectors. NB: CV’s are designed via phone and email communication so location in Ireland is not an issue. Paul Mullan is a leading CV expert. Read some recent comments from individuals who used the CV Writing Service.

CV Service Testimonials

“My CV was in desperate need of being revitalised and professionally updated. Paul discussed my immediate needs and spoke to me at length as to my requirements. The end product was fantastic. Paul also advised me on amending my CV depending on the specific role – great CV and great advice”Conor

“I know my skills and my job but I never knew how to convey that to a person in HR. Paul does.”Paul

Find out more about CV Expert – Paul Mullan or read what other individuals had to say about the services – CV Service, Career Coaching and Interview Coaching.

CV advice & preparation service – Waterford, Dublin, Cork, Limerick & Galway

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Most jobseekers appreciate that we are now entering into a tighter job market in Ireland. The last 12-18 months has seen redundancies across most sectors in Ireland. Manufacturing, Retail & Construction have been the hardest hit but there have been job losses in other sectors including the Pharmaceutical Sector.

Whether you have been affected by redundancy or you are seeking for a new job it is essential to have a professional CV that makes an impact landing you those important interviews. The problem is that most jobseekers cut corners when writing a CV. In a buoyant market this may be fine BUT in a tight market you will suffer.

CV’s fail for a variety of reasons – poor spelling and grammar, poor format, bad layout, poor content BUT the biggest problem with most CV’s is that they lack focus and therefore do not make the required impact on the reader.

Get the CV right and you will notice an increase in your application to interview ratio. Some jobseekers benefit from the help of a professional.

Measurability offers an expert CV service to jobseekers across the country. I am regularly asked were we are based BUT it does not matter for CV design as most communication is via phone and email and we do not meet clients. CV design is unlike interview coaching or career coaching where face to face meetings are quite important. So we design CV’s for jobseekers in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Waterford and other counties. Visit our website to read what other jobseekers have said about our CV service.
Measurability offers other Career Services and I have outlined the regions:

Career Coaching – Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Louth and other regions in Leinster.
Career Tests – Online career tests for jobseekers nationwide.
Interview Coaching – Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Louth and other regions in Leinster.

CV Preparation & CV Advice – Dublin, Meath, Louth, Wicklow & Kildare

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Job hunting can be a frustrating business with many jobseekers falling at the first hurdle – unable to secure interviews. If you are struggling for to get called for interviews there can be a number of possible causes.

1. You are applying for jobs where you do not meet the requirements

There is a chance you are applying for jobs where you do not meet the experience, background or qualifications. HR and hiring managers will often put your CV on the PFO pile without further exploration. It is important to try different approaches and to get feedback. Some suggestions include phoning the client before you send your CV as this will tag your personality to the document. If rejected you can seek feedback to identify what you will need to do to achieve your goal or what other routes you can take. Rejection after rejection can be soul destroying so get creative.

2. You are not applying for jobs

I often receive phone calls from jobseekers seeking CV redesign. When I view the CV is often fine. Investigation often shines light to the fact that the jobseeker has been doing very little in the job market. If you don’t buy the ticket you can’t win the lotto. Job hunting takes time an effort. You must initiate action before you can get results.

3. Poor CV preparation

More often than not the CV is poor and not making an impact with the reader. I see some very bad CV’s that do not even get the basics right such as poor spelling and grammar, poor format, too much detail or lack of focus. Your CV is the 1st point of contact with the employer and perhaps your only contact if it does not make an impact. Spend some time creating a document that will do you justice and maximise your chances of meeting employers.

Measurability offer CV design services nationwide. We design CV’s that produce results and our customers agree. We also provide career coaching, career direction and interview coaching. If you need more information on any of our services feel free to contact us.

CV writing in Ireland– How many pages?

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Once upon a time in CV advice … 

When asked this question I reflect back to one of my earliest experiences in the field of recruitment and careers. I was working as a recruitment consultant. I had a vacancy for a Quality Engineer advertised and I received an application by post which was a 14 page CV. I would like to advice readers that this was a time before email and technology. The role was quite urgent so I told the jobseeker that we would use the current CV BUT it was too long and we would have to amend it for future roles. After 1 hour at the fax the last page went of the employer. Anyway the jobseeker was called for interview and he completed the interview. I phoned him for feedback shortly after. He told me that the interview went great and made a point of telling me that the employer had commented on how good his CV was.

CV with no more that 3 pages 

I guess the point of this story is that people read CV’s and each person has a different taste. This is why it is difficult to give a 100% confident answer about how long a CV should be. My advice is anywhere between 2 and 3 pages but 1 page summary CV’s are common.

CV with important information on page 1

Let’s move away from the length for a minute. A more important point is that whatever the length of your CV it is essential that any relevant information can be accessed on the first page of the document. Many hiring managers don’t take the time to read a CV in full and often make interview decisions in as little as 30 seconds. Do not leave it to chance that a client will read your CV in full.

Measurability offers a full CV and Cover Letter writing service and expert information on job search strategies. We are experts in the field offering positive results to jobseekers in Ireland.

CV advice in Ireland

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

I met with a client today to discuss job search strategies and interview preparation. During our discussion she produced a CV and a cover letter that she had paid a “Professional” to produce.

Ok it was not the worst CV I have ever seen but there were glaring mistakes. It made me think – hey you do a good job Paul BUT also you do not charge enough!!

Here are some of the mistakes ….

CV Mistakes

Career Objective – Employers do not care what you want. They only care about themselves and the simple fact can you solve their problem. Replace career objectives with value statements – this will focus on the employer and not you.

Small Font – I have good eyesight so when I have to squint to read the CV the font is too small. This professional sacrificed readability in the bid to make a one page CV. If the employer cannot read the CV then they cannot get the information.

Solicitor Language – Some professionals over complicate language. To be honest I did not understand the meaning of half of the words. Keep it simple!!

An last but not least the biggest mistake – The CV was designed with a “one CV fits all jobs” philosophy – This will not work and you will miss out on key interviews. A CV should be tweaked for every job you apply for. When I produce a CV I will educate the client about future applications and their CV.

Cover Letter Mistakes

The cover letter highlighted why I never read them. It was pure jibber. There were big words and sentences that tell you absolutely nothing about the individual. There was a one word used that I am afraid of writing just incase the creator reads this post. A cover letter is an opportunity to let you put your personality across – don’t waste the opportunity.

There are some great people out there who write CV’s for a living and there are some cowboys. Choosing a service provider is like anything else. Shop around BUT do not just focus on the lowest price. If you need help with your CV check out our site.

FREE CV Templates and FREE CV Advice

Monday, February 25th, 2008

I have just done a Google search for “FREE CV TEMPLATE” and “FREE CV ADVICE” and sure enough Google is full of relevant search results.

Two questions you must ask yourself.

1. Why are these sites offering FREE stuff?

When I have been offered free stuff in the past there has always been an alternative motive. Normally to attract me to a site or to sell me some other product or service. Most of the sites who offer this free advice do not specialise in the area but probably have a related service. For example many recruitment agencies offer FREE CV templates and FREE CV advice. They are interested in jobseekers they can place in a new job. They are not really interested in helping anyone with their CV if they cannot make a placement or earn a fee.

2. How good is the FREE stuff?

I offer CV services so it is in my interest to say that the advice isn’t very good BUT I am being honest when I say that these FREE CV TEMPLATES and FREE CV ADVICE will not make you stand out in the crowd. An average CV will get average results. A FREE TEMPLATE will help you layout your CV but what about the content, selling yourself and making an impact. You will not be able to get this information on a free information site.

CV writing and design services may not be as expensive as you think. Contact us now to get a quote. We offer a comprehensive CV writing and design service to jobseekers in Ireland. CV design and redesign services for all levels of jobseekers from Graduate throught to executive. We will design a CV that will make impact and increase your percentage interview rates. The more interviews you get the better chance you have of landing that dream job.

CV Writing service in Ireland – Why most CV’s fail…..

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

I regularly post articles on a few recruitment and job sites including This is a great site for those who want to keep up to date with the Irish job market. This is one of the previous articles I posted.

The internet is saturated with websites full of advice on CV design and content and everyone seems to be an expert in this area including family and friends. In principle much of this information and advice may be relevant to help create a killer CV and sell yourself effectively but the key issue that seems to be overlooked time and time again is that your CV is not actually about you. Think I’m mad – read on.

Is a CV really about you?

Yes your CV will contain information about you under the headings of personal details, value statements, education & training, work history and hobbies but exactly what information should be determined by the job specification and the employer requirements and not by what you want to write. When you understand and embrace this point your CV to interview ratio will increase dramatically.

CV Writing – See yourself as a product or service.

Another way to consider this is to imagine you are a product or service that you are trying to sell to a potential customer. Any good salesperson will tell you that the initial focus in any sale is to identify the needs of the customer. The client has posted a job specification telling you their needs so this has already made your job easier. Most jobseekers choose to ignore this valuable information and instead write everything they can about themselves thus offering information that is irrelevant to the potential employer. These CV’s lack focus or more importantly client focus. If this is what you are doing your sales pitch is providing information on features of your product or service that doesn’t interest the client.

Many jobseekers have one CV which they submit to every interesting job. If a salesperson offered the same sales pitch to every client they would not be very successful. Your CV should be altered for every position you apply for because in reality every client has different needs. This can range from a few tweaks to your CV to a major overhaul if for example you are applying for totally different skill-sets or roles.

CV Writing – 30 seconds to make an impact.

Most jobseekers have heard that many employers will make a decision within the first few minutes of an interview. Well most employers will make a decision to call you for interview within the first 30 seconds of reading your CV. It is important to tell a client early in your CV that you can solve their problems. Make an immediate impact and secure the chance to secure an interview to hammer home why you are the right person for the job.

Need CV help or advice – contact us.

CV & Interview Workshop

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

I ran a CV & Interview Workshop on 29th September in Dublin city centre and all who attended told me they found it very useful and worthwhile (or maybe they didn’t want to hurt my feelings). The workshop lasted 4 hours and covered CV, Interview and Recruitment Strategy. Some of the written comments included;

“The workshop has helped me to layout my CV properly and identify what is relevant for the employer”

“Very good advice. I have a lot of areas in my CV and at interview I can improve. The course was a great help”

“Very helpful. I am starting to explore the job market after an absence of several years and I feel that I now know where to start”

“Yes Paul was excellent, approachable and very friendly”

I am running another workshop on 20th October. If you want more information get in touch via my website or email me on