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CV Service Nationwide – Writing CV’s in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick & Galway

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Most jobseekers do not realise that 99% of CV design is completed by phone and email. You do not actually have to meet the CV expert. In fact I will only meet clients for Career Assessment, Career Coaching or Interview Coaching. I find that meeting with individuals only adds time to the process – and time adds to the cost. I work with clients all over the country including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.

I design CV’s for all levels of the organisation and all business functions. I design CV’s for Executives, Professional and Graduates. I have designed CV’s for sales, IT, production, engineering, materials, finance and management.

What does my CV look like?

I have worked in careers, HR and recruitment for 14 years. I have seen everything when it comes to CV’s and CV design – the good, the bad and the ugly. I am a career doctor with The Irish Independent and The Sunday Tribune and regularly write CV articles for a number of online sites including RecruitIreland. If you need an impact CV whay not check out my profile or read what other individuals had to say about my work.

Need more information?

I would be more than happy to provide more information about my CV service or my other services career coaching, career assessment and interview coaching. Feel free to contact me or visit my website for more information.

CV advice in Ireland

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

I met with a client today to discuss job search strategies and interview preparation. During our discussion she produced a CV and a cover letter that she had paid a “Professional” to produce.

Ok it was not the worst CV I have ever seen but there were glaring mistakes. It made me think – hey you do a good job Paul BUT also you do not charge enough!!

Here are some of the mistakes ….

CV Mistakes

Career Objective – Employers do not care what you want. They only care about themselves and the simple fact can you solve their problem. Replace career objectives with value statements – this will focus on the employer and not you.

Small Font – I have good eyesight so when I have to squint to read the CV the font is too small. This professional sacrificed readability in the bid to make a one page CV. If the employer cannot read the CV then they cannot get the information.

Solicitor Language – Some professionals over complicate language. To be honest I did not understand the meaning of half of the words. Keep it simple!!

An last but not least the biggest mistake – The CV was designed with a “one CV fits all jobs” philosophy – This will not work and you will miss out on key interviews. A CV should be tweaked for every job you apply for. When I produce a CV I will educate the client about future applications and their CV.

Cover Letter Mistakes

The cover letter highlighted why I never read them. It was pure jibber. There were big words and sentences that tell you absolutely nothing about the individual. There was a one word used that I am afraid of writing just incase the creator reads this post. A cover letter is an opportunity to let you put your personality across – don’t waste the opportunity.

There are some great people out there who write CV’s for a living and there are some cowboys. Choosing a service provider is like anything else. Shop around BUT do not just focus on the lowest price. If you need help with your CV check out our site.

CV Writing – Top CV tips

Friday, February 29th, 2008

The number one reason why 90% of CV’s fail is because the focus is all wrong.  Most jobseekers write CV’s without considering the employer. When it comes to CV design jobseekers are concerned about what they want and explaining this experience in great detail without any thought to the employer and what they require.

When developing the CV jobseekers must think like a marketing professional and design their marketing material (the CV) with the audience in mind. Jobseekers must understand the needs of the employer which can be accessed through job specifications, company website or asking the employer directly. It is then essential to communicate how they can resolve these needs through their CV.

The next major problem with most CV’s is the layout. A CV has 30 seconds to make an impact. If a potential employer cannot see how a jobseeker can solve their problems within a short space of time they risk missing out on interview.

Effective CV layout means that all key information can be easily accessed by the reader in the first page of the document. Many jobseekers have relevant work experience, qualifications and skills hidden at the end of their CV. Remember hiring managers may not take the time to read a CV from start to finish.

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