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Psychometric Testing and Psychometric Assessment in Ireland

Friday, February 29th, 2008

I work with a wide variety of clients across a number of sectors offering psychometric testing services. I was not surprised at the comments of a new client earlier this week – “testing really added value to our recruiting”.

For employers who have not used testing – PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS DO WORK.


This above client had a very basic recruitment process. They did not have a HR department and they relied on a two interview process and a few references. Two bad hires in the space of 3 months changed all of this. Both interviewers liked the two bad hires at interview and all references had checked out. As I explained this is the problem with traditional techniques – they do not work!!

They turned to us to explore the benefits of testing. They trialed the tools themselves (discounted rate). They liked what they saw and introduced testing to the next recruitment project. They used the OPQ32 personality questionnaire for candidates progressing to second round interview. Anyway they hired one of the applicants and this guy seems to be working out well.

What did they learn?

- Testing adds value to existing recruitment process.
– It does not cost an arm and a leg.
– It is easy to introduce with no extra work for the employer
– Information is supplied in a user friendly format.

If you want information about psychometric tests and sample reports visit out site.

Corporate Outplacement Services – Choosing Outplacement Consultants

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Corporate Outplacement Services can prove to be a great benefit to you and your employees. Redundancy is a difficult period and this support can help you navigate successfully. From experience many employers will focus in on price BUT there are other important areas to consider. There are other factors to consider such as the outplacement team, accessibility to consultants and resources, previous project experience and industry knowledge and flexibility of the outplacement provider. More information on this has been outlined below.

Choosing your Outplacement Consultants.

The Outplacement Team – The people who will be doing the day to day hands on work with you and your staff. This is essential as Outplacement is a people service.

Accessibility – Accessibility of consultants and resource for your employees. Your staff need access to consultants and resources throughout the program.

Project Experience – Previous related project work.

Related Experience – Outplacement is career coaching and support packed in a different box. Related experience includes Recruitment Agency, Life Coaching, HR, Career Coaching, Training & Development, and Business Coaching.

Market Knowledge – Knowledge of the Irish market and your industry sector will improve the success of the outplacement program.

Flexibility – Some providers have material and resources with a one hat fits all approach. In reality no two projects are the same. Ideally you will have a program tailored for your requirements.

Price – Everyone has a budget and employers will want to get the best value for this budget. Remember best price is not always best quality. Most outplacement firms will provide options for your budget.

If you are an employer you have more questions about outplacement services or outplacement programs contact us now. Measurability offer outplacement services in Ireland and we can help you and your staff navigate redundancy successfully.

Psychometric Testing Ireland – OPQ32 – Online Personality Questionnaires

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

The OPQ32 is SHL’s leading Online Personality Questionnaire. It is the most popular assessment tool used for assessment and selection in the UK and Ireland (It can however be used for Development & Career Coaching).

What information does a Personality Questionnaires (OPQ32) give you?

It provides objective information to support your interview and selection process. The OPQ32 provides an indication of an individuals prefered behaviour at work, in-depth information on how an individual will fit into certain work environments, how they will work with others and how they will cope with different job requirements.

The OPQ32 is suitable for Management, Professional and Graduate recruitment. The OPQ32 can be completed online which helps your recruitment process.

For additional information on the OPQ32, other online psychometric testing tools and sample reports- measurability.

Career & Employment Blogs – Free CV, Interview, HR, Recruitment advice.

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

There is much free information and advice on the internet for jobseekers and employers. Below are the names of a few blogs which are focused on the Irish jobs market – Career advice and information about the job market in Ireland – information about CV’s and interviews – Blog for employers on related HR and recruitment topics – Jobs and news on the Irish jobs market