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Outplacement Services – Measurability – Sunday Independent

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Read an interesting article on Outplacement Services from the Sunday Independent dated 23.11.08.

Outplacement Services for Construction, Manufacturing & Retail

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

There have been some positive jobs news announcements in 2008 BUT most of the jobs headlines have been dominated by redundancy and job loss.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing has diminished over the last five years. It was once the pillar of the Irish jobs market but a number of factors have resulted in the relocation of manufacturing to low cost economies. Since the turn of the year we have had many closures in manufacturing – Jacobs in Tallaght, Sercom in Limerick and Grove Turkeys in Monaghan to name a few.

Construction Sector

Construction has been doom and gloom for about a year. There has been a lot of spin put on this sector but the reality of the situation is that 1 in 10 workers from the sector have lost their job. We may not notice it as much because if “Joe Murphy Engineering” lets go 25 staff it is not exactly front page news. But is there are a few hundred similar sized construction firms out there it soon adds up.

Retail Sector

Retail has suffered from job loss too. On the whole retail is still a relatively strong sector in Ireland but there was the Arnott’s announcement and Christmas and January trading wasn’t that great for retail.


These three sectors provide prime examples of situations where Outplacement Services and Consultancy can benefit employers and employees. BUT remember that job loss is not exclusive to these sectors – remember IT and the dotbomb.

Employers – In all cases outplacement services would help employers by appeasing the anger and emotion. In the case of Jacobs it would help paint a positive pubic image as they have been part of the Tallaght community for years. In the case of Arnotts it could help bring productivity and business back to normal as it is not completely closing. Also by Arnott’s looking after departing staff it will improve their image when attracting staff for the new store when it opens.

Employees – All of the above example could benefit from outplacement services which would support staff, help them cope with the event and transition into new employment as quickly as possible.

For more information about outplacement services and how they can help you and your staff contact us or visit out website.

Services in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick & Waterford – Outplacement

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Redundancy is now part of everyday life in Ireland. All you need to do is open a newspaper or turn on the news to hear about more job loss. Redundancy affects all regions and all sectors. We have had redundancies in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway. All industries have been affected especially manufacturing and construction but also retail, banking and pharmaceutical. Redundancy is a difficult period for employers and employees alike. It is therefore essential that organisations implement a strategy to provide support. Outplacement Services have been available for years. I guess we did not take much notice about them as the Celtic Tiger was roaring for the last decade.

Measurability – Outplacement Services

Measurability offers a full outplacement service for organisations in Ireland. We have experience working with all sectors (manufacturing, pharmaceutical, IT, electronics, banking and retail) and we work in all regions in Ireland. We will work within your budget and tailor a service to meet your needs.

Measurability – What is on offer?

We offer a wide range of programmes from 1-1 coaching to group workshops. We cover a wide variety of topics including career assessments, career direction, CV design and interview coaching. We encourage and support participant and help them move on with their life and career.

If you require more information about our services contact us now.

Outplacement & Redundancy Services – 1-1 Programs

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Outplacement and Redundancy services have many benefits for employers and employees. There is quite a bit of flexibility and options available to employers considering offering support to their staff. We work to the employer’s needs and their budget developing a bespoke solution to meet their situation.

1-1 Outplacement Programs

Individual programs are very popular with clients. They are normally offered for senior management and executive where the numbers would be smaller. This is not set in stone and some employers with high numbers affected by redundancy will often offer 1-1 programs over group programs.

What is a 1-1 Outplacement Program?

Outplacement programs offer a tailored solution for the individual. Sessions are completed in 1-1 format addressing needs specific to the individual. Therefore the individual dictates the content.

Typical areas covered include:
• Evaluating current career situation to help individuals understand themselves and provide career clarity. This will support individuals with career direction with the use of career assessment tools.
• CV writing and advice to help individuals market themselves more effectively and improve job application to interview ratio.
• Recruitment Strategies, job search skills and managing the job hunting process. This will prepare individuals for the job market and enable them to maximise performance.
• Interview coaching skills to make an impact at interview.
• Other topics include encouragement & support, self esteem, confidence and work life balance

1-1 Outplacement is a popular choice with employers however there are other options that can be explored. If you require information about outplacement please feel free to contact us now. Measurability offer outplacement solutions to employers in Ireland. We offer a flexible approach that will satisfy your requirements while working within your budget.

Outplacement Services in Ireland- What is important?

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

I had an interesting conversation with an employer about my Outplacement & Redundancy Services. I was pitching for a project and I was up against a UK outplacement firm. It was an interesting conversation as, although I am well able to sell myself and Measurability, I have never had to sell our Outplacement Services. I think I did a good job BUT let’s wait and see.This got me thinking that it is impossible for websites to give a true picture of a Company or its services especially when they are people focused. I suppose that is were Blogs help. If you and your staff are facing the prospect of Redundancy and you want to put some supports in place – Here are the reasons you should pick up the phone and call Measurability.Outplacement & Redundancy Services – Why Measurability?

Ever been at a presentation, course or training led by a dull person in a grey suit?
How did you feel?
Do you take in the information?
Where you actually inspired?

Inspiration is probably more important than the actual information in any Outplacement & Redundancy program. Yet many clients focus on fancy handouts and focus on irrelevant stuff when choosing a provider. A fancy handout never helped anyone get a job!!

I have the handouts and slides BUT more importantly I love what I do – career coaching, support and advice. I am passionate about helping people and inspiring people to succeed. I guess I am selfish in that I get great satisfaction out of what I do and I get paid for it.

I take a hand’s on approach in all Outplacement programs – I don’t just pitch for the business and then send my people to do a job. I will be a key part of the program. You will therefore not get somebody (In a grey suit) doing a job.

Outplacement & Redundancy Services – The Team.

I have much experience in this field – see my profile. I do many projects myself BUT I have a great network of career, recruitment and HR associates in the Industry. This makes a great group of like minded people who will be similar to me. If you like me, you will like the rest of the team.

Outplacement & Redundancy Services – A competitive price.

We offer programs to meet your needs and budget. This is not side stepping the cost issue. To give you a cost we need to know what you want. Contact us now for more information

Outplacement Services – support organisations and staff through redundancy

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Redundancy & Outplacement Services
Some companies and employers care for their staff and some don’t. Providing support will benefit no matter what the motives are. Outplacement Services will provide essential support for your employees through redundancy but it can also benefit your company.What are the benefits of Outplacement Services for your company?- Giving support to your staff during a difficult period
– Help reduce emotions such as anger and resentment
– Projects a positive image to customers, investors, employees and future employees
– Improves retention and increase productivity.What are the benefits of Outplacement Services for your staff?

– Help overcome the event and increase confidence and self esteem
– Support the transition into new employment, education or training
– Professional advice, career coaching, CV and interview coaching

If you are facing the possibility of making staff redundant contact us now.

Outplacement & Transition Services – Cost – Benefit Analysis

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Outplacement services are increasing in popularity in Ireland. Why? Read the papers. There has been an increase in redundancies and organisations want to support staff through this difficult period.

So why do some organisations offer Outplacement Services and others not?

You can have the arguement that some companies care and others do not. Personally I do not believe this. I feel that it is down to cost or FEAR of cost. When I speak to clients about Outplacement services the initial comments are “I could not afford this” or “Multinational offers redundancy support because they can afford it”. Believe me when I speak to clients about cost this is no longer an issue.

Cost of Outplacement services?

This will depend on a number of variables; the number of staff affected by displacement, the level of the staff, type of programs you want – 1-1 or workshop and your budget. An Outplacement and Redundancy program can be set up to meet your budget – and this is the important point.