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FREE psychometric tests – online ability & personality tests for free!!

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Psychometric Testing in Ireland

At Measurability we provide expert psychometric testing services for employers and individuals. We offer EMPLOYERS psychometric testing solutions to support recruitment, selection and development. We offer INDIVIDUALS psychometric testing solutions to support careers decisions and choices.

As a partner of SHL we offer the leading psychometric assessment tools on the market in Ireland. SHL offer you the opportunity to trial their tests online. If you like what you see why not contact us to get more information about how we can help EMPLOYERS make better hiring decisions and INDIVIDUALS make better career decisions.

Free Online Psychometric & Career Assessment Tests

If you are interested in trialing free online psychometric tests – ability tests, personality questionnaires, motivational questionnaires visit this link.

Measurability for Psychometric Testing solutions

If you are an EMPLOYER and would like more information about psychometric testing contact us now. We deal with a wide variety of clients in Ireland – Psychometric Testing Clients.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL at a career crossroads and you would like to avail of psychometric testing or career tests read what other satisfied jobseekers had to say about our Career Tests & Career Coaching.

Psychometric Testing can help you hire the right staff.

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

The problem with traditional interviews is that they are subjective. A weak handshake or no tie can influence your judgment about an interviewee. Traditional interviews have 4 possible outcomes.

True positive – You interview a candidate and they do a good interview. You hire the individual and they work out great in the job.

True negative – You interview a candidate at interview and they do a terrible interview. You deem them not suitable for your role and you were correct in your assessment. If hired they would not have performed in the job.

False positive – This is when a candidate does a great interview and you hire them. Unfortunately they do not turn out as good as you thought.

False negative – This is when you interview a candidate. They do a poor interview and you reject the applicant. Unfortunately they would have worked out well and performed in the role.

Employers need to reduce False Positive and False Negative scenarios as these can hurt your company and cost you dearly.

Psychometric testing can help you improve your hiring decisions. Ability tests and personality questionnaires can provide valuable objective information such as;

If the applicant has good numerical ability – an applicant with a degree as does not mean that they are good with numbers – be warned!!

If an applicant enjoys working with numbers – just because they are good with numbers does not mean that they enjoy working with numbers.

If an applicant can work on his own – if you are hiring for a position that involves working in isolation how do you assess if an applicant prefers to work on their own?

If an applicant enjoys negotiating and selling. They may be skilled interviewers and strong communicators BUT hate selling.

If an applicant enjoys competition. Put an uncompetitive person in a competitive environment and you will watch them wither.

If an applicant has a good attention to detail. What if your accountant did not have a good attention to detail? What if your Senior Buyer did not have a good attention to detail.

These are just some examples of information that psychometric testing can provide to support your recruitment decisions. If you would like more information contact Measurability.

Psychometric Testing and Psychometric Assessment in Ireland

Friday, February 29th, 2008

I work with a wide variety of clients across a number of sectors offering psychometric testing services. I was not surprised at the comments of a new client earlier this week – “testing really added value to our recruiting”.

For employers who have not used testing – PSYCHOMETRIC TESTS DO WORK.


This above client had a very basic recruitment process. They did not have a HR department and they relied on a two interview process and a few references. Two bad hires in the space of 3 months changed all of this. Both interviewers liked the two bad hires at interview and all references had checked out. As I explained this is the problem with traditional techniques – they do not work!!

They turned to us to explore the benefits of testing. They trialed the tools themselves (discounted rate). They liked what they saw and introduced testing to the next recruitment project. They used the OPQ32 personality questionnaire for candidates progressing to second round interview. Anyway they hired one of the applicants and this guy seems to be working out well.

What did they learn?

- Testing adds value to existing recruitment process.
– It does not cost an arm and a leg.
– It is easy to introduce with no extra work for the employer
– Information is supplied in a user friendly format.

If you want information about psychometric tests and sample reports visit out site.

Online Psychometric Testing and Assessment

Monday, February 25th, 2008

What type of online testing and assessment is available in  Ireland?

There are now a wide variety of tests and assessment available online to help employers hire the right staff. The available assessment tools include

Online Ability / Aptitude Tests – The most popular online ability tests are numerical and verbal tests. Initially these we developed for graduate recruitment as this is where there was the biggest demand for the service. Nowadays there are online tests for Management, Professionals, Graduates and clerical roles. These tests provide valuable information on current ability and future potential of applicants

Online Personality Questionnaires – Personality questionnaires are available from many providers. It is important to choose wisely though. We use SHL as they have a great reputation in the market place. They have a number of personality questionnaires and available recruitment reports but the most common is the OPQ32. See a sample recruitment report from the OPQ32.

Online motivation questionnaire – This is a great psychometric assessment tool for staff development and to improve the performance of teams and individuals. See a sample report from the motivation questionnaire.

What are the benefits of online testing and assessment?

There are many benefits of psychometric testing. Ultimately it helps employers hire the best candidate for the job. On the flip side introducing testing to your recruitment process is fair and objective which benefits the jobseeker. There is also the cost saving associated with hiring the right person. This article will provide other reasons to use psychometric testing.

Measurability offer assessment solutions to organisations in Ireland. We offer a wide range of assessment tools including those outlined above. We offer cost effective solutions that will enable you to access assessment tools without the investment in training and technology. To find out more about our services check out our website and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Psychometric Testing – Cost of a bad hire.

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Hiring the wrong staff costs more than you think!!!

Let’s look at the cost of a bad hire. It is estimated that the cost of a wrong hire can be up to 3 times the salary of that employee – this means hiring a Sales person on 35k could potentially cost you 100k if you employ the wrong person. The potential costs are split in obvious costs and the hidden ones.

Obvious costs include:- Your time spent during the recruitment process – often ignored
- Advertising the job in the papers or onlineIrish Times don’t do free adverts
- Recruitment agency fees – those bloody agencies – money for nothing!!
- Training expensevery rare than a new employee hits the ground running.
- Salary & benefits during time in the companyyes that’s right you pay these poor performers
Hidden costs include:

- Managing poor performanceHow much do you enjoy babysitting?
- Negative impact on co-workersI know one employer who fired his top sales person otherwise he would have lost about 7 staff.
- Lost customersThey are fragile little things
- Missed opportunity and potential salesOh I didn’t want to push him.
- Compensation, severance and legal feesWe all know what the tribunals cost.
- Cost of recruiting and training a replacementLets start again from the beginning.

You can say I am not hiring a sales person but I know of an administrator who priced a part wrong – cost 500k and I know of an accounts person who forgot the VAT returns – big fine. There are many examples.

My father is a carpenter and always says – “measure twice and cut once”

Want to ensure you don’t make a bad hire – click. Measurability offers all you psychometrics and assessment need including personality questionnaires, ability and aptitude tests and motivation questionnaires.