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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

How your CV can help you through a difficult job market.

Unless you don’t listen to the radio, read the papers or watch the news on TV it is quite hard to miss the bombardment of negative stories about the Irish economy. Recession, job loss and debt are all words unfamiliar on these shores for well over a decade. Developments over the last year have a direct impact on job hunting and therefore individuals need to get themselves in tiptop shape when entering the job market.

The most important change in the job market is that there is now more competition facing jobseekers. In recent years many employers struggled to source suitable candidates often employing a less than ideal recruit. Now there are less companies recruiting and more unemployment so more people looking for work. This means that there will certainly be more choice fore employers. Jobseekers will have to make sure that they have an IMPACT CV, utilise all available job search strategies and sell themselves at interview.


Fortunately for you most CV’s are poor. This means that if you put some effort into your CV you will increase your application to interview ratio. The more interviews you get the better chance you have of landing a job. You need to consider CV Layout, CV Format and ensure that your CV is focused. Remember your CV has a short window of opportunity to make an impact so don’t waste this opportunity.

CV Writing Service in Ireland

Measurability offers a professional CV Writing Service in Ireland. We work with a wide variety of jobseekers from Executive to Graduate across job functions and industry sectors. NB: CV’s are designed via phone and email communication so location in Ireland is not an issue. Paul Mullan is a leading CV expert. Read some recent comments from individuals who used the CV Writing Service.

CV Service Testimonials

“My CV was in desperate need of being revitalised and professionally updated. Paul discussed my immediate needs and spoke to me at length as to my requirements. The end product was fantastic. Paul also advised me on amending my CV depending on the specific role – great CV and great advice”Conor

“I know my skills and my job but I never knew how to convey that to a person in HR. Paul does.”Paul

Find out more about CV Expert – Paul Mullan or read what other individuals had to say about the services – CV Service, Career Coaching and Interview Coaching.

CV mistakes to avoid – CV’s in Ireland

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

CV’s can fail for many reasons. If the CV doesn’t do the job then you can kiss goodbye to precious interviews. There are a number of key mistakes made on CV’s and I have outlined these below.

Ignoring the target audience– This is the most popular. If you do not consider the target audience when writing a CV – forget about it!! Any good salesman will tell you that you have to understand the customer and target your pitch accordingly. Well this is the same when writing a CV. Identify What they want and pitch your CV accordingly.

Lack of accuracy – A polite way of telling lies. If you lie on your CV the likelihood is that you will be caught out. If you get caught out – no job. Skilled interviewers will know where potential porkies can be found on a CV. They will certainly shine the spotlight in these areas.

Poor presentation – Content is the most important aspect of a CV BUT it must also look good on the eye. Small font, poor formatting and other layout issues can turn the reader off. It is important to have a flowing CV with good margins and ample white space. Ensure that you have clear headers so the reader can find information quickly. Fancy designs – well that is up to you – personally I prefer to keep it simple.

Poor attention to detail – Poor spelling and Grammar can be a show stopper. We all have spell checks on the PC – so please use the tool. I would also advise that you get someone to proof read the CV also just to be safe.

If you want help to produce a professional CV that will make an impact and generate interview contact Measurability – Irish CV experts.

CV advice in Ireland

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

I met with a client today to discuss job search strategies and interview preparation. During our discussion she produced a CV and a cover letter that she had paid a “Professional” to produce.

Ok it was not the worst CV I have ever seen but there were glaring mistakes. It made me think – hey you do a good job Paul BUT also you do not charge enough!!

Here are some of the mistakes ….

CV Mistakes

Career Objective – Employers do not care what you want. They only care about themselves and the simple fact can you solve their problem. Replace career objectives with value statements – this will focus on the employer and not you.

Small Font – I have good eyesight so when I have to squint to read the CV the font is too small. This professional sacrificed readability in the bid to make a one page CV. If the employer cannot read the CV then they cannot get the information.

Solicitor Language – Some professionals over complicate language. To be honest I did not understand the meaning of half of the words. Keep it simple!!

An last but not least the biggest mistake – The CV was designed with a “one CV fits all jobs” philosophy – This will not work and you will miss out on key interviews. A CV should be tweaked for every job you apply for. When I produce a CV I will educate the client about future applications and their CV.

Cover Letter Mistakes

The cover letter highlighted why I never read them. It was pure jibber. There were big words and sentences that tell you absolutely nothing about the individual. There was a one word used that I am afraid of writing just incase the creator reads this post. A cover letter is an opportunity to let you put your personality across – don’t waste the opportunity.

There are some great people out there who write CV’s for a living and there are some cowboys. Choosing a service provider is like anything else. Shop around BUT do not just focus on the lowest price. If you need help with your CV check out our site.

CV writing – professional approach will help CV design

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

CV Writing Service
CV writing can make or break you job hunting efforts. Get it right and it will open the doors to many opportunities. Get it wrong and you will endure many frustrating months. Unfortunately the latter is true for many jobseekers. Some jobseekers don’t take the time and cut corners while others just don’t get CV’s. (Actually most jobseekers I meet don’t get the whole CV thing.)CV Help – CV writing tips for you.One CV for all jobs won’t work.
You cannot send the same CV to every job you apply for. This is lazy and you are cutting corners. Every job is different therefore your CV should be designed to suit the job. I know jobseekers who have sent the exact same CV for say a sales job and a customer service job. Crazy!!

CV writing – Identify what the employer wants
CV writing
can be simple. Job specifications often have the answers as they are really the employer telling you what they want. You need to dissect the job spec and identify the key points and then show how you meet the requirement on your CV. Ensure you get all important information at the start of your CV as you cannot be sure that the employer will read to the end.

CV format – make an impact
Again the job spec will dictate this. For example if a role is asking for a Degree and you don’t have it then place your qualifications at the end of the CV. This will let you. If you place your qualifications at the beginning of the CV – go straight to the bin and don’t pass go. Another example – if it is a sports company you are applying for and you are passionate about sport – don’t make the employer read to the end of the CV to find this out.

CV writing can be quite simple when you understand how to do it. Learn the key principle and you can take this with you through your career. If you need help with your CV contact us for information about out CV WRITING SERVICE.

CV Writing Service in Ireland – Spelling & grammar gremlins

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

I spent last Friday sending out canvass emails to attract new clients. Although I used the spell check on my email I did not proof read before hitting send. The result was that I used the words “HR professional” in the email when it should have read “HR professionals”. Shortly after sending my email I received a reply complaining about my grammar and spelling.

The reply read as follows; Hi Paul, I cannot say that you impressed me with this mail. Your spelling leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry for any offense but if you’re selling a service in your mail should be perfect.

I must say I did have a smile when I read this reply and I thought it was nice that Mr Kettle finally made contact with Mr Pot. For the observant you will notice the American spelling “offense” and that the final sentence does not make much sense. I suppose there are a few points to make.

First point is that it is likely that you will find spelling and grammar mistakes in my blog. Please point them out but make sure to do this with proper spelling and grammar.

CV Writing – Spelling & Grammar mistakes.

A more important point is that I lost a potential customer through my error even though I did try a charm offensive. As with job hunting poor grammar and spelling can cost potential interviews. I have viewed many CV’s in my time with poor spelling and grammar. It is essential to get this right before sending your CV to a potential employer or even an agency.

I agree that there are hiring managers out there who will accept basic mistakes (after all most accept basic lies on CV’s). This aside you should not leave it to chance. I recently worked with a client who was rejected for an internal promotion because of a spelling error on his CV. By all means use the available spell checker on word but bear in mind that this may not pick up all of the potential mistakes. I recommend that you proof read your CV and that you get a third party to proof read it.

If you have poor spelling and grammar then get a friend or family member to assist with writing your CV. Alternatively you can seek professional help or a professional CV service. It is important to develop a client focused CV with optimum layout and format. This effort can be vain if a simple mistake costs you the intervew. Remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.