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Outplacement Services for Construction, Manufacturing & Retail

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

There have been some positive jobs news announcements in 2008 BUT most of the jobs headlines have been dominated by redundancy and job loss.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing has diminished over the last five years. It was once the pillar of the Irish jobs market but a number of factors have resulted in the relocation of manufacturing to low cost economies. Since the turn of the year we have had many closures in manufacturing – Jacobs in Tallaght, Sercom in Limerick and Grove Turkeys in Monaghan to name a few.

Construction Sector

Construction has been doom and gloom for about a year. There has been a lot of spin put on this sector but the reality of the situation is that 1 in 10 workers from the sector have lost their job. We may not notice it as much because if “Joe Murphy Engineering” lets go 25 staff it is not exactly front page news. But is there are a few hundred similar sized construction firms out there it soon adds up.

Retail Sector

Retail has suffered from job loss too. On the whole retail is still a relatively strong sector in Ireland but there was the Arnott’s announcement and Christmas and January trading wasn’t that great for retail.


These three sectors provide prime examples of situations where Outplacement Services and Consultancy can benefit employers and employees. BUT remember that job loss is not exclusive to these sectors – remember IT and the dotbomb.

Employers – In all cases outplacement services would help employers by appeasing the anger and emotion. In the case of Jacobs it would help paint a positive pubic image as they have been part of the Tallaght community for years. In the case of Arnotts it could help bring productivity and business back to normal as it is not completely closing. Also by Arnott’s looking after departing staff it will improve their image when attracting staff for the new store when it opens.

Employees – All of the above example could benefit from outplacement services which would support staff, help them cope with the event and transition into new employment as quickly as possible.

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